Hello. My name is Tony Carnevale.
I am a writer and video producer living in New York.
Here are some things that I have made and/or appeared in.
Please enjoy them.

Rogue Creator Says We Need A Better Word For Permadeath
editorial piece for Kotaku

The Sonoran Hot Dog Is The Best Of America And Mexico In One Fluffy Bun
branded content for Gawker and Deadspin

An Incredible Pinball Bar Is Hidden Behind This Laundromat
branded content for Gawker, Kotaku, and Deadspin

What's a Real-Life Hitman Actually Like?
branded content for Kotaku

I Played Music for a Cat. Here's How the Cat Reacted.
branded content for Gawker and Jezebel

A Sneak Peek At The Memes You're Going To Hate In 2016
branded content for Gawker and Gizmodo

Dating Myths That Are Destroying Your Love Life
branded content for Gawker and Jezebel

How To Keep It Casual While Dating
branded content for Gawker and Jezebel

Guys Guess Girls' Underwear Prices
BuzzFeed Motion Pictures video

Guys React To Cosmo's Wildest Sex Tips
BuzzFeed Motion Pictures video

Ultimate Hot Sauce Taste Test
BuzzFeed Motion Pictures video

Why We Love Tattoos
BuzzFeed Motion Pictures branded video

If Strippers Told You The Truth
comedy video

What You Really Mean At L.A. Parties
comedy video

Benefits not provided by "Friends With Benefits"
McSweeney's list

Dungeons of Xandor walkthrough (for people over 30)
humor piece for Quarter to Three

comedy video

Disco Janitor
Funny or Die video

email me: greetingstonyc@yahoo.com